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Sue Andrews apart from being a Cliff Richard fan, is a talented photographer.

She has been taking live action pictures of Cliff since the days of "Time" at the Dominion in London's West End.

Because she approaches her photography, from a genuine understanding of what his fans would like, her photos capture the very essence and spirit of Cliff's live performances.

Apart from providing a valuable service to fans around the World, she has ensured that all profits made from her Cliff photography are donated to the Cliff Richard Charitable Trust. To December 2011, this sum now exceeds some 21,500.

So when buying from Sue, you not only get top quality photographs but are also helping to support the Charitable Trust at the same time.

Her photos frequently appear in both the Official Tour Programmes and are used by organisations such as Newmarket Travel.

Having known Sue since the days of "Time" setting up this site has been a nostalgic trip over last 25 years........

Denis Teulon.


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